Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kratom Facts - Myths Vs Reality

People hearing about kratom for the first time may not really get what the product is really all about. Some might actually believe the myths that initially surrounded it. Kratom was believed to be unsafe, addictive, has no medical use, illegal, and is considered a possible substance abuse.

Now is the time to set the facts straight. Kratom is safe and medically-beneficial, also showing greater potential than some prescription drugs. Rumours about it being addictive, illegal, and a source of substance abuse are debunked by the Drug Enforcement Agency and the people who use it and can vouch for its safety.


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  2. Kratom is not safe. Actually, a friend of mines husband died after an overdose of Kratom. There is no way of people proving it was from that because medical examiners do not test for Kratom!!! so this is a lie.