Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kefir: The Curative Grain

Kefir: The Curative Grain (Infographic) - An Infographic from Your Kefir Source
Embedded from Your Kefir Source

Kefir is indeed one of the best alternative medicine in this world. I recently just found out this information graphics about kefir and decided to share it everyone. Above the image for some basic explanation, details, type and reliable sites about kefir.

I want to praise who created this image, the image creator sure did put a lot of effort doing this. I love how the image was made, it simple, very informative and straight to the point!

I'm also a kefir lover, I seldom drink milk kefir because really so busy with work but I'm still trying to change my habit to drink it everyday.

Some time ago, when I was just starting to learn kefir, I even use kefir for cooking and baking stuff. The result was great, maybe in the future I can post some of it here. 

For some who really wanted to learn kefir, this image is really made for you. Lol =)